How Does It Work?

The Latest Innovation in Home Composting

The Vego Kitchen Composter helps close the loop from garden to table and back again. Just toss food scraps, plant waste, and other organic matter into the composter to process, and in no time you’ll have a nutrient-rich amendment to add to your garden or compost pile.

The Vego Composter is the latest innovative solution for home composting

The Vego Composter helps promote an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Just place food scraps, plant waste, and other organic materials into a nutrient rich amendment via an automated decomposition process. 

Make a Difference

Put your kitchen waste to good use, alleviating the pressure on landfills.

All-in-One Composting Innovation with Multiple Benefits

Put your kitchen waste to good use, alleviating the pressure on landfills and contributing to environmental conservation. By composting waste, you can obtain nutrient-rich amendments for your garden, plants, and crops.This not only enhances plant health and growth but also reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers, promoting sustainable agriculture.

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Download for iOS/Android

 Download for iOS/Android

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Composter-Compatible Kitchen Waste: What Can Be Processed?

From veggie scraps to unbleached coffee filters, learn more about the full range of compostable waste

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